We might still be learning many of the same things in school that our parents were taught. We find out about the different corners of the world in geography class and read our passages from Shakespeare in English. But that certainly doesn't mean that we are learning to become the next generation of criminal lawyers in Texas or a mortgage broker in Etobicoke as examples, in the same way as those who came before. Technology has made a huge difference to all of the different ways that we can attend school and learn.

When you walk into a classroom you will instantly start to see how we are modernizing education. There still might be a blackboard at the front of the room and desks to sit at but there will also be computers full of software that can make learning more accessible and even fun. If you're learning about the layout of the city's parks in civics you might do so by looking at an aerial view on Google. Or you could complete your math homework with the help of software that you have at school and at home.

Some of the technology that you will be using in schools today will be provided by the institution and some will be the property of the students. If you enter any school from Britain to British Columbia you will find students coming to class with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We here at Tutor House want to explore all of the different devices that can be used to help a person learn.

There are definitely still more parents that choose to send their children to school every day, but there are new families each year that are embracing the new possibilities that come with home schooling. Before a few years ago you needed to order courses one at a time to take back to your home and bring them in to be marked. Now, all you need to do is sign-up online for a wealth of courses on a number of different subjects. There are online schools now in existence for those that are in elementary school all the way up to adults looking for a masters or continuing education for their career.

It is said that we never stop learning in our lives and you certainly don't have to if you embrace all that's available to us with new technology. You could come home from working at a factory to study to become just about anything online. Or, you could just find some programs that can help your young son catch up with their work in math or science. This site is all about how technology and learning go hand in hand. If your son or daughter wants to grow up to work in a medical clinic nothing should stop them!

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